The COVID-19 pandemic prevents many from venturing out to experience exciting locations. However, if you’re tired of current lockdown activities, taking a virtual tour might be the trick to help forget for a while about being homebound. Simply choose a website and become immersed in some of the most popular destinations on the planet without ever having to leave home.

The Grand Canyon – Arizona

Arizona State University created a number of virtual tours that enable viewers to see some of the recommended sites throughout the canyon. Join a ranger on a hike along the South Kaibab to the Phantom Ranch. The journey continues to the South Rim via the Bright Angel Trail. Embark on a rafting trip on the Colorado River. The adventure begins at Lees Ferry and ends at the Lake Mead National Rec Area. Watch archaeologists search for artifacts along the Colorado River.

Machu Picchu – Peru

A virtual tour of the ancient 15th-century citadel provides the chance to explore the location without ever having to scale the summit. The HD 360-degree tour is accompanied by narration that explains some of the site’s history and the structures found at the famous location.

Sistine Chapel – Rome

The chapel in Vatican City remains one of the top attractions for people who visit Italy thanks to the spectacular artwork. A virtual tour offers the chance to gaze upon the magnificent accomplishment unhindered by other visitors. The interior is a sight to behold from the exquisite tiled floor and amazing craftsmanship on the walls to the breathtaking paintings. Additional tours include a glimpse of the gardens, the Pontifical Villas and some of the Vatican City museums.

Guggenheim Museum – New York City

This famous museum structure was constructed by Frank Lloyd Wright and continues to be a major attraction today. The virtual tour enables visitors to gaze upon 600 works of art on multiple floors of the facility. The zoom feature provides the chance to see the works closer than if one was to tour the exhibits in person.

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History – Washington D.C.

The expansive facility contains more than 100 million exhibits dating from the prehistoric past to the present. Virtual guests are welcome to tour the facility and see a selection of permanent and temporary exhibits. The Satellite Support Center and the Research Station also enable guests to explore past exhibits and learn about current research projects.