Traveling is an amazing experience that can provide new and perspective-altering experiences. Not only can some travels be a culture shock, but they can also be the perfect getaway to de-stress from everyday responsibilities and work. 

While traveling is deemed as an adventure and an opportunity to relax, planning trips can be quite the opposite experience. One must account for transportation, food, safety, and other important factors. You also should prepare for the possibility of an emergency. To maintain fun and travel with ease, it’s important to incorporate some of the following travel gear on your next trip:

Portable Charger

Everyone has had their electronic device die at one point or the other. It’s a common problem for your phone battery to run low and die at least once or twice throughout the day without charging it. While traveling, a person might not have an outlet accessible to them. Luckily, portable chargers allow your device to charge remotely without a wall outlet. 

The charge time for each portable charger may vary, but they are very effective in keeping your phone fully charged, which is crucial when traveling. Nothing is quite as frightening during a trip as being lost and having no access to a GPS or phone.


Toiletries, specifically travel-size hygiene products (such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, feminine hygiene products, deodorant, and shampoo) are essential. A person may not expect to use these items every day; however, they come in handy especially when there are flight cancellations or delays during a trip. Everyone can be prepared for such instances by packing this travel gear.


Ebooks are electronic books that you can access with your electronic devices, such as your smartphone, computer, or tablet. Some apps like Audible offer the option to have books read aloud. Depending on where you are traveling, the trip can take several hours or even a few days. Reading is an excellent way to pass time and relax while doing so. Instead of packing multiple books in your travel case and taking up space, you can bring your tablet or have all your books downloaded onto your smartphone. Doing this allows you to have more options without taking up extra space in your luggage; an added bonus.