The Bahamas are part of the more than 700 islands contained within the Lucayan Archipelago that lie between Cuba and Florida. The Bahama chain consists of 17 islands that span over 500 miles, each of which has unique features and attractions that welcome guests each year, the following being some of the most intriguing. 

Bimini Island

Bimini was a favorite among famed author Ernest Hemingway. The island is also the closest to Florida. You can explore Bimini Road during a scuba diving excursion and see the amazing historical site thought by some to be the remains of the Lost City of Atlantis. Many frequent the East Wells and Spook Hill Beaches for the chance to swim with reef and tiger sharks. You can even tour the island by golf cart and make stops at Ansil’s Boat House, the Bimini Museum, and the Dolphin House Museum while enjoying the view along the King’s Highway.

Cat Island

This island was named after the well-known pirate Arthur Catt and boasts a wealth of culture and history. You can venture to Knowles and tour the Columbus World Centre Museum, or trek to the top of Mt. Alvernia and explore a medieval monastery called The Hermitage. You can also follow Armbrister Creek to Boiling Hole Lake, gaze into the crystal clear water and witness baby sharks and rays swimming freely. The location also has a number of bird species nesting in the mangroves, and just nearby stands the remains of the historic Armbrister Plantation.


The unique slender island of Eleuthera is a mile wide and more than 100 miles long, which means there are a plethora of beaches to enjoy sunbathing, surfing, snorkeling, or swimming. Popular snorkeling spots include Current Cut, Devil’s Backbone, and Pineapple Dock. You can swim with dolphins and sharks or explore shipwrecks. Surfer’s Beach is popular for water sports, along with the bars and shacks that line the shore.

Harbor Island

This small island encompasses a mere 3.5 by 1.5 miles and is easily accessible from Nassau by ferry. The location of Harbor Island has hundreds of years of history and is renowned for the stunning pink sand beaches. The warm waters surrounding the island are ideal for swimming and snorkeling in addition to boating and deep-sea fishing. You can also stroll through town and indulge in some shopping, or join the locals while enjoying a cocktail near the Government Dock to watch the sunset.