Tourism is an enormous industry that continues to grow every year. According to the latest research in travel trends, approximately 1.8 billion international tourists will travel the world by the end of 2030. With those numbers, it’s easily imaginable that the more popular tourist destinations would be overcrowded. 

With that in mind, Intrepid Travel recently published a list of “Not-Hot” travel destinations showcasing a variety of lesser known locations for travel enthusiasts. Among the list were outstanding locales that were relatively similar to more popular destinations, but with a fraction of the visitors annually.

First up was the Haida Gwaii islands. Home to Canada’s Haida First Nations, it is a beautiful, carefully preserved wilderness that would peak the interest of any would-be adventurer. Commonly referred to as the “Canadian Galapagos,” this archipelago is nestled right below the Alaskan panhandle off the coast of British Columbia. Those with an adventurous heart can dive into the Haida culture with a local guide. There, they can visit traditional Haida villages, enjoy the scenic view of the Grizzly Bear sanctuary, and sink their teeth into a traditional meal of salmon and venison, all without the frenzy of the actual Galapagos Islands, which see an estimated annual total of 225,000 visitors. Haida captures the imagination of only 13,000 tourists annually.

Next is the sand city of Huacachina, Peru. Though millions of visitors travail Peru to stand in awe of the vast history of Machu Picchu, barely a fraction of that know of Huacachina. This oasis is centered around a lagoon fabled to have extraordinary healing powers. For those less inclined for a dip in the water, there is the option for sand boarding, or a visit to one of the many waterfront bars. This little haven beckons to all types of travelers.

Mardi Gras in New Orleans is so widely known and celebrated, it pulls in a whopping 1.4 million attendees. However, not many are aware that Mardi Gras is actually celebrated state-wide. Mardi Gras tours of the state of Louisiana are available for those looking for something a little more off the beaten path. The active adventurer can visit cities like Lafayette or Lake Charles and enjoy Mardi Gras parades in small towns winding their way to New Orleans just in time for the main Mardi Gras event.

These are just a few areas highlighted by the Intrepid Travel list, all of which pull in a fraction of tourists compared to the larger destinations. Staying off the beaten path can be just as rewarding to the adventurous heart, and certainly with more elbow-room.