Though beach towns are generally associated with summer vacations, some provide an ideal spot for a getaway during the fall and winter. It may be too cold to swim, but each of these destinations have something else to offer.

Cape May, New Jersey is one of those beach towns that can be fun any time of the year. Since it’s a National Historic Site, history buffs are particularly interested. With close to 600 buildings from the Victorian area, there are plenty of sites to see. One of these is the Cape May Lighthouse, dating back to 1859. This lighthouse features a spiral staircase with 190 steps. Another site worth seeing is the Cape May Winery & Vineyard, which features some of the best wine in the state and gourmet snacks to pair.

Southampton, on New York’s Long Island, is also a popular beach town during the colder months. At Cooper’s Beach, a walk on the sand is a great way to enjoy the town while watching the waves. Away from the beach are quaint shops as well as the Southampton Publick House.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts is among the beach destinations worthy of a visit during the off season. A shoreline hike is always a popular choice when the weather turns colder. Those that visit between the end of summer and the beginning of October can take a tour through the Race Point Light Station. Other attractions in the area include the John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum. The museum houses photos of JFK and the entire Kennedy family, that most people have not seen.

Nantucket, also in Massachusetts, is the home of some well-known fall festivals. One of them is the Cranberry Festival, held every year in October. This festival gives you the chance to take a tour of local cranberry bogs. The truly brave travel to Nantucket in November for the Cold Turkey Plunge.

Newport, Rhode Island is also a beach town many people visit, even when they can’t go to the beach. Local farms offer apple and pumpkin picking. Those that brave this beach town in February are rewarded with the Newport Winter festival. Every year, this festival includes an event called the Mac & Cheese Smackdown, as well as a chili cook-off.