Some people go their whole lives without traveling overseas. In most cases, money is the biggest obstacle. It doesn’t just cost money to get there, you also have to worry about lodging, eating, and experiencing – all of which can cost a fortune. But it doesn’t have to! The world has many places that cost you a lot less than you think they do. Europe is home to many of these cheap destinations. Additionally, flights and transportation to other countries in Europe tend to be relatively affordable, making travelling multiple countries possible while remaining budget-friendly. Here’s the cheapest locations in Europe broken down by type of vacation:

Mountain Views and Hiking: Slovakia

Home to some of the most breathtaking views of mountains, Slovakia boasts the same awe-inspiring landscape as its more expensive neighbor, Austria. Enjoy the Carpathian mountain range by relishing in low-cost camping, eating, and transportation. A trip to Slovakia is light on the wallet but rich with experience.

Lounging by the Water: Macedonia

If you want to live life like you’re on the Almafi coast without the steep price tag, head to Macedonia. Beautiful, crystal blue lakes and terracotta roofed homes on a hillside will make you believe you’re on the Italian waterfront. The country is rich with fresh seafood, delicious wine, and prices that are far lower than the actual quality of the experience.

Bustling Nightlife: Poland

Poland is incredibly cheap, which makes having a good time in their bustling nightlife easy and enjoyable. During the day, catch a cheap train ride to Warsaw or Krakow to soak in the country’s history and beauty. At night, walk outside of your accommodations and you’re likely to be only a few feet from a pub.

Intimate Getaway: Latvia

If you’d love a trip to Paris with your significant other, but aren’t in love with the amount of money it takes to get there, check out Latvia. Take tours that cost next to nothing with your loved one and explore beautiful architecture. Use cheap methods of transportation to travel back and forth from the idyllic countryside to the busy city. There are so many affordable options to show someone you love in Latvia.

History and Knowledge: Montenegro

Montenegro is home to some of the most gorgeous medieval architecture and scenery. Visit the Bay of Kotor to indulge in some delicious seafood and wine, all while learning about a small country that is chocked full of history and beauty.

There are many cheap and wonderful places to visit in Europe. The key to cheap vacation planning is to find out where you want to go and start researching from there to develop a vacation budget based on the countries prices for lodging, food, and entertainment and their exchange rate. Treating yourself to a vacation doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg.