There are many myths that some people carry around with them about travel, both domestic and abroad. Even though we have plenty of information at our disposal that speaks to the contrary, many people still cling to their long-standing myths about travel being unsafe, expensive, or only for the young and childless. The sources of these myths can be traced to the media, as well as people who generally aren’t speaking from personal experience.

Myth #1: Travel is dangerous

If you are planning a trip, chances are at least one person will point out that the world is a dangerous place. Especially if you are planning on traveling alone. If you mention that you plan to save money by hitchhiking and staying in strangers’ homes, be ready to hear all the reasons why you will surely be harmed.

The truth is, there are reputable websites and apps that show safety reviews and let you filter by criteria, such as the type of environment that matches your comfort level. If you are a single woman, for example, you can request on couchsurfing that you only stay with another single woman.

Contrary to popular belief, hitchhiking isn’t really that dangerous. Outside of the US, it’s actually a popular mode of transportation. There are plenty of travel blogs that describe in detail what peoples’ trips around the world are like, and they are full of tales that are positive. Just like anything else in life, common sense is king, meaning you have the freedom and choice to get into, or not get into, any vehicle that stops for you. The practice is so commonplace, there is even a hitchhiker’s guide to hitchhiking the world. 

Myth #2: Travel is too expensive

There will always be some costs related to travel, but the amount you spend can vary greatly depending on a number of factors. Traveling to specific locations during off-peak times often affects airfare, accommodations, and other expenses. In addition, there are a number of websites that offer deals on reduced airfare, car rentals, and hotel stays. If you are savvy with your budget, there are also ways to take advantage of credit card offers that offer air miles along with purchases. It’s important to never extend your spending past your credit limits and to pay your balance in full each month.

Myth #3: Travel is inaccessible for some people

It’s true what people say about age being just a number. Plenty of seniors take advantage of their golden years by exploring the world. For those with small children or big families, travel is still within reach. All of the extra planning and saving will be well worth the memories you make.