There are many popular cruise destinations that tourists explore every year. One that has a significant number of perks to offer, however, is the Mediterranean. These perks make it a choice among travelers of all ages.

Most cruise lines that go to the Mediterranean make vacationing easy. It allows people to visit several countries in one trip. A European vacation could never be easier. Without the need to navigate between countries, tourists can freely attend live performances, dine on local cuisine, relax poolside, or enjoy a spa day all within the comforts of their ship.

A Mediterranean cruise often includes destinations like the Spanish Wonders and Greek Isles. The French Riviera, Ancient Greece, and the Adriatic Sea are just a few of the stops on this type of cruise, as well, making it a sightseeing must.

Barcelona is one place where a cruise is likely to stop. This affords tourists views of a sprawling cathedral called Sagrada Familia, which features a sunburst ceiling that was painted by Antoni Gaudi. Despite ongoing construction, it is still a popular site for tourists to visit.

Other Spanish Wonders hotspots you are likely to encounter are the sights of Malaga. Granada’s Alhambra Palace boasts a layout and artistic details that many people feel has to be seen to be appreciated. Malaga also boasts a historic center and a downtown area that tourists often flock to. In addition, Malaga’s Costa del Sol is a popular spot for lounging on the beach.

More port cities that Mediterranean cruises often stop at are Seville, Valencia, and Cartagena. For a taste of the Spanish islands, tourists can book a cruise that includes stops at Mallorca and Ibiza.

When it comes to the Greek Isles, there are many small villages that are often visited by tourists. They include villages in Santorini. It is often visited so tourists can get a glimpse of the village’s unique red and black beaches. Other sites include historic ruins and unforgettable sunsets. Santorini also boasts many restaurants and wineries. Its volcanoes are must-see natural hotspots for many visitors.

Another destination not to miss is the French Riviera. Cities that cruises tend to stop at here are Cannes, Nice, Toulon, and Marseille. They are also often headed to Monaco, as many tourists want to see this second smallest country in the world.