For adventurers that choose to spend their holidays exploring the world, Christmas time offers some of the greatest experiences for avid travelers regardless of one’s wish to embrace the cold, or to escape to sunnier climates. Here are a few places around the world that let you unwind and also promote the holiday spirit.


Don’t let the fact that several transit services shut down during the holidays deter you from visiting England’s capital. The peace and noticeable silence is actually quite relaxing for a city that is normally buzzing 24/7. With the streets lined with Christmas lights and tinsel, this serene spot is perfect for a calmer holiday.

Along the River Thames, visitors will find The Scoop, an amphitheater at the More London that will be full of Christmas vendors this time of year. You can buy everything from food and drinks to home decor and seasonal decorations.

New York City

Perhaps one of the most iconic Christmas cities in the world, the Big Apple is renowned for its massive Christmas tree located in the middle of Rockefeller Center, complemented by the captivating dancing of the Radio City Rockettes. However, most travel professionals will recommend also exploring the areas outside of midtown.

While the center of Manhattan is certainly an extravagant holiday hub, smaller neighborhoods in the surrounding boroughs also boast quite the display. Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, for example, is well known for its incredible Christmas decorations and is one of the more authentic New York sights to see during the holiday season.


Germany is another country that considers Christmas one of the biggest seasonal events of the year. Nuremberg, specifically, is full of markets year round that cater especially to this time of year (known as Christkindlesmarkt). German mulled wine, Nuremberg gingerbread, sausages, decorations, and stagecoach tours are just some of the many traditional festivities you can take part in.


What may seem like a fairly remote country is actually one that celebrates Christmas as big as the rest of them. Reykjavik, Iceland, this time of year, is known for its fireworks, drinks, desserts, and traditional folklore, which depicts Santa Claus as thirteen different characters known as the Yule Lads

As an added bonus, this city is powered by geothermal energy, so they are able to keep the town lights on all night. This is also complemented by the bountiful snow around the country and the Northern Lights. Iceland can make for a truly breathtaking holiday.