So you finally graduated college, got that dream job, and are about to embark on your first business trip. What kind of flights can you get? Where will you stay? These are questions that can induce panic in first time business travelers. From booking a flight and hotel, to even using a ride-sharing app to get you from the airport to your hotel; travel logistics poorly executed can be disastrous. Below are some tips to help make that next business trip less stressful.

Make Use of Technology

There’s an app for that!  More often than not, there will be an app for each step of your business trip – the airline, the car service, the hotel you’re staying at, or the restaurant you might want to try on your first night in town. Downloading these apps before you leave will make last minute changes easier and assist you in keeping to your schedule. Here are some travel apps from the folks at Digital Trends to get you started.

Sign Up for Rewards Programs

So, you’re a recent college grad and just now starting to travel for business.  Now’s the time to sign up for the various travel rewards programs out there. When you’re traveling for business, the expenses can quickly add up. Not only do rewards programs allow you to build up points for eventual free flights or hotel stays, but they also can provide extra bonuses such as room upgrades, free breakfast, complimentary bag checks, or ways to get you to the front of the line for boarding. There are as many rewards programs out there as there are airlines and hotel brands.  US News provides a detailed list of what they consider some of the best travel rewards programs of 2018-2019.


If you aren’t packing for a two-week trip – odds are you don’t need a 50-pound piece of luggage to check. Packing a small bag that you can carry onto the plane will save you valuable time and money when you are hustling from the office to catch your flight. Here are some tips provided on Thrillist, from flight attendants on how to optimize your carry-on bags.


It might be tempting to plan your whole trip with strictly business related activities and then retreat back to your hotel room, but planning some activities to recharge yourself can help you be ready for the next day of work or travel, and avoid travel burn out. It’s possible to enjoy your time when you’re on a business trip by taking advantage of your new surroundings. Business Partner Magazine gives some great tips on relaxing on a business trip. Between participating in local experiences or asking the person who’s checking you in for a cool place to eat dinner or go for a run, you can find something to help kick back after a day of travel and/or business meetings.