Traveling can be a hassle, but frequent flyers have it down pat. They know all the secret tips and tricks that make flying a little more pleasant and worry-free. From the right things to pack in your carry-on to which seat to pick on the flight, these ten tips are guaranteed to make your travels less of a headache.

TSA Precheck and Global Entry

TSA Precheck and the Global Entry program provide benefits to travelers such as expedited entry and security screening. Although there are slight differences in these programs, they are fairly inexpensive and worth it to have if you travel frequently.

Pick the Aisle Seat

Frequent flyers know that sitting in the aisle seat gives you more leg room, and easier access to the bathrooms and snacks. Having a little extra power when it comes to your chosen seat for the flight will make it more comfortable.

Have a Copy of All Paperwork

It’s easy to misplace things when you’re in a hurry, and losing your passport, ticket, or ID can ruin your travel plans. Make sure to carry a hard copy as well as a digital copy when you arrive at the airport.

Bring Hands Free Travel Gear

Running through the airport is much easier when you are hands free – not to mention how much faster you can get through security, etc. when you have two hands to search through your bags for passport, wallet, and so on.

Bring Your Own Water and Snack

After you get through customs and security, buy yourself a water and a snack. You’ll thank yourself later when faced with the options provided on the aircraft, and you won’t feel dehydrated!

Check the Speed of the Security Guard, Not the Size of the Line

While it is tempting to check the lines to see where you’ll go, it is often more fruitful to check the speed of the security guard to determine which line you choose.

Bring Laundry Detergent

When you pack a small (TSA approved) container of laundry detergent and plan to do a load during your travels, you can save more space in your suitcase for shoes, etc., or pay less for storing your luggage when you can pack lighter.

Leave a Middle Seat When Traveling in a Pair

Usually the middle seats are the last to fill up as people don’t typically like them. The odds of you having someone in between you are slim, and even if you do happen to get an extra neighbor, you can switch to be next to your travel companion.

Book Two One Way Flights

Often, if you book two one way flights with different airlines rather than a round-trip, you can save money. You will then also have the freedom to customize your departure and arrival times, and make them fit your schedule better.

Use SeatGuru

SeatGuru can provide you with real time tips about all you need to know in the world of aircraft seating. It has comparison charts to see what seat will get you what on any aircraft you can think of.